A Face for Radio, A Voice for Books, and a Wit Unmatched by Any Hamster!

I was eating a bologna sandwich and contemplating reverse-entropy when a great light shone down from the heavens revealing the gilded image of a half bird, half lion, investigative reporter with an uneven limp and an affinity for peaches. The creature spoke loudly and in short bursts making it rather difficult to understand.

Long story short, I am a filmmaker and story artist in animation and live-action currently living/working Glendale, CA. You will often find me nose deep in an art book or studying a film as I strive to improve and become the most effective storyteller I can.

One day I hope to understand that mystical creature and track down the secret lost Illuminati crystal to stop the gunman from killing my parents and leading me on this life as a vigilante in Gotham City!